Constipation And It’s Remedies

Constipation is difficulty in passing stools; it is one of the common health disorders found in people. When an individual is experiencing constipation it can be accompanied by other health disorders like nausea, indigestion, heartburn, and headache. If left not treated, continuous constipation can lead to numerous disorders such as insomnia, hemorrhoids, and fissures. These days one can find a good number of countermeasures for solving constipation problems. The correct cure functions by focusing on the underlying root of the problem. A sedentary lifestyle, lack of proper diet, and being pregnant are some of the common sources of constipation issues. It can be also caused due to other problems like long-term use of drugs and old age. Ways of achieving constipation relief include the following:

Eating fruits; fruits have fiber. They are juicy and thus give the body fluids. For constipation relief, consume larger amounts than your usual diet. They also have natural minerals and vitamins for good health, and they have no side effects.

Supplement your diet with a wide variety of oils which have been effective against constipation like sesame seed, coconut oil and flax seed oil. These can be bought at any food store and can also be used for cooking. They are natural and safe.

Another method of attaining constipation relief is by massaging the abdominal area. Do this while standing up or lying down. Use oil to oil to lubricate the abdomen for a smooth massage. Slide the inner part of your hand on your abdomen from the right side where the appendix is and move in a circular motion up to the ribcage. If a baby suffers from constipation or gas, this may help to relieve his discomfort but do it very gently.

Exercise regularly. This raises the muscular contractions inside the intestines thus aiding in the passage of stool. Exercise also alleviates stress which causes constipation. The simplest way of exercising is by walking. This increases your physical activity and also helps to reduce blood pressure.

Raisins which are popular for their laxative properties are a natural cure for constipation relief. They have been used for centuries for curing indigestion issues. Those suffering from constipation should drink water soaked with raisins regularly in the morning. Regular intake of raisins offers constipation relief and treats other health abnormalities such as eye issues and gaining weight.

These simple steps to achieve constipation relief can help to improve one’s condition, not to mention his mood. Of course, don’t forget to maintain a healthy diet with lots of fiber and fluids to avoid constipation altogether.

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